Friday, April 4, 2008


I have been a busy bee most of the month of March. I made a lot of stuff for my daughter's dance studio for company competition coming up. When I originally set out to do some of the stuff, I tried to find ways to cut costs. First on the list was table covers. We had 3 tables that didn't match and two chairs for each table. To make them seem more uniform, covers were created (by scratch, no pattern, thank you very much!). I didn't have a lot of fabric to work with, and I didn't have a lot of cash to invest in fabric, so I created the "illusion" of white table toppers on black table cloths. It didn't come out perfect, but it'll do the trick. Here's a picture:
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Next order of business was to cover the mismatched chairs...
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You can see through the chair fabric with the flash of the camera. On stage, however, it's fine.

Then I needed to find out how to create realistic-looking pizza. I ended up creating one out of fleece:

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The last thing was to create some type of trays with wine glasses on them. I went an extra step and put cellophane inside the glasses to create the look of actually having liquid in them. The trays were made out of cardboard boxes and painted black, trimmed in black ribbon, and I even had an elastic band on the bottom for the girls to slip their hands through so they could balance them and dance at the same time. :) You can't see the "filled" look in this picture, but against stage lights, it's a different look!

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All of these things were made for the song "That's Amore".

My daughter is also dancing to "Pink Panther" and they're wearing black jazz pants, a pink/white/black shirt, and fedora hats. The hats were a bit boring, so taking the inspiration from the ties on the shirt, I created a hat band and then created a flower using the colors from the shirt out of fabric. I went crazy on the flowers. Never did this before, but it was fun and I thought it came out really cute! :)
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That's how I've been spending my time lately!
So what I've learned lately??? You can get carried away with what starts out as ONE small project! I ended up doing almost the entire production! Crazy me!

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