Friday, February 8, 2008

"Well" exams

I went to the Doctor on my birthday for a woman's well exam. Basically, it's a physical, or an annual, or a general checkup. Not exactly the way most people would choose to spend their birthday, but it was the one day I knew without a doubt that someone was going to be available to keep my 4 year old so I could relax at the Dr. office and not have to jump off the examination table half-naked to chase him down in the hallways. Had I ended up doing that, I'm pretty sure that all the other patients in the other rooms would have been instantly diagnosed with heart attacks and strokes.

This "well" exam was kind of weird. I get asked the usual questions. Do you smoke? (no) Drink? (only water -- smile), take any medications? (no, but I probably should for my own sanity you think?), Have a history of (insert any medical condition here)? (no) "Well, wow, you're pretty healthy, aren't you?" (I must last visit before today was September 2002 for a pregnancy test!)
Now we move on to the "physical" part of the physical. How tall are you? (Umm...I grew 1/2" since last check....I'm now 5'5 1/2" according to the nurse!) "Did the nurse weigh and measure you with your shoes on??" (Yes) "Let's take those shoes off and try again".

Ok, this blog is supposed to be lessons learned. What I learned at this visit....
1. My shoes make me 1/2" taller
2. My shoes make me 2 lbs. heavier
3. Paper "clothes" do NOT keep you warm in a 70 degree examination room
4. Drawing several vials of blood after fasting over 12 hours does NOT make you feel very good
5. Even when you've left your 4-year old at home in the care of someone else for a peaceful office visit, chances are you'll walk out of the examination area and find the 4-year old climbing the furniture, the people, or both in the waiting room! (Gee, thanks DH!)

I have no clue why this was a "well" visit. I left the office with instructions to set up a mammogram and breast sonogram (lump in breast), instructions to set up a back x-ray (ruling out slipped disc), and 3 prescriptions (antibiotic, inhaler, nasal spray). Apparently, I could have a cyst or something in my breast, child-bearing and child-carrying may have messed up my back a little, and I *probably* picked up hospital-acquired walking pneumonia last November when David was in and out of the hospital 6 times (I actually lost count!!). Joy!

Joy??? YES! JOY!!!! Because my Joy does not come from my circumstances but rather from the Lord. It's funny. People around me (think "family" and "close friends") wanted to know how my visit turned out, so I shared with them and pretty much all of them were really concerned as if it were the worst news on the planet. Why? Ok, so there are a few very minor bumps...actually, they're not bumps, they're air bubbles (because I really believe they'll turn out to be nothing -- get it?? "air"??). I still have my health (considering!!!). I am still blessed. I'm still in the Father's care. Can't get any better than that!! :)

So, I get home from the Dr. and I'm starving!! I ask DH and my 4 year old if they want something to eat. "No thanks, already ate." Fine. I scramble some eggs and make some toast and the minute I get it on the plate, 2 pairs of eyes are googling over it. "Would you like some?" "Yes, please!" Sigh. So much for my big birthday breakfast. I watch them eat and pretend it's really me eating and strangely enough, I feel full. (Thank you, Lord!!). DH makes up for it with lunch, however. He grills me bacon-wrapped beef tenderloin. Yum. Of course, I had to make the mashed potatoes, broccoli, and garlic toast to go with it, but it was still heaven!!

You know....I should make this an annual event....schedule Dr. appt. on my birthday just so I can have a few minutes kid-free, naked, in a cold room. I'd do it if it meant bacon-wrapped tenderloin and the works afterwards!!!

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