Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mighty Texas Dog Walk

Jeff, Jennifer, and I participated in the Mighty Texas Dog Walk. It's a fundraiser for a service dog training center that is in our town. There's some rivalry between this and a British dog walk for the Guinesses Book of World Records. We didn't break the record this year, but we still had fun. Our puppy was on the evening news today for just a second. That was pretty cool.
I have one complaint about the dog walk this year. There were 3 water stations set up along the course, but the problem was that there was a run of some kind that happened before the dog walk and used the same route and the runners depleted the water supply so by the time we got to any of those 3 tables for water, there was absolutely nothing left. I think they should have warned us before we started the walk that water would be unavailable. After 3 miles, we were parched!!!
Other than that, it was fun. Hot, but fun! :)
Here's a link to the TV program...not sure if it works...
Mighty Texas Dog Walk
In the video, about halfway through, two men will talk, then right after them is a woman and right after that woman is our puppy, Duke.
I'll post more pictures later. I'm kind of tuckered out right now.

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