Thursday, November 6, 2008

Almost 6 months later!!

WOW! Almost six months have passed since I have posted anything. I apologize to those who have been wanting to read more from me. Things kind of took off and kept me occupied, as they normally do.
Let's see, since May, quite a lot has happened. Stephen graduated from High School in June. That was bittersweet. I went to the graduation ceremony fully prepared to cry and brought a purse full of kleenex, but the program was so lighthearted I could do nothing but laugh. I was so grateful for the humor to take the edge off what could have been a sad (but a proud-sad) 2 hours! Summer started immediately after that and we didn't really go anywhere. Jeff was in an air-cast boot following a work-related injury and that limited a lot of events. That was fine with us, however, as we welcomed the opportunity to stick close to home. David had the privilege of attending Nike Golf camp and he loved it. There were Vacation Bible School weeks, Youth Camp at the beach, Sports camps, College orientation, etc. That pretty much took up the entire summer and before we knew it, summer football practice started.
In August, Stephen headed to college. He seems to be liking it so far. He's doing ok. There were some challenges not uncommon for a Freshman, but he's doing well. Matthew started Kindergarten. He's doing well in that area as well. He received recognition for good character and has more "green" (i.e., good) days than anything else.
David sat out half of the football season. In October, he received what's called a SMO brace. This is a remarkable piece of plastic formed to his foot and fitted snugly around his ankle. The minute he had that contraption on, he walked straighter, taller, and with less of a limp. He also was virtually pain-free. Immediately that week after getting the brace, he was on the football field actually doing drills. He was so thrilled! He's not back at 100% yet, but he at least got to play a few plays for the remainder of the season so we feel by next year he'll be that much better. YAY! This was a looonnnnggg time coming for him! I'm so proud!
Jennifer is in 5th grade this year. She's dancing one class a week at Head To Toe (where she used to be on Company), playing soccer, signed up for basketball that starts soon, dancing for the Christmas program at church (that requires a LOT of time), and has participated in one choir event with another coming up next weekend. She's also a student leader at her school. Her grades are very good. Momma is proud!
Jeff had tendon-repair surgery in September and was home for 6 weeks. He is healing nicely and jumping the gun a bit trying to do a bunch of things he isn't supposed to but in my opinion, that's a typical man for you. We had some issues with the Workers' Compensation checks and a misunderstanding about his work supplemental benefits, but after 6 weeks of arguing back and forth, this incredible man was able to spell everything out in clear, concise description. Where in the world was this man 6 weeks prior???
So, that's where things are right now. Tons of things happened in between what I've posted. David got his braces off, he got released from Physical Therapy. Jeff started Physical Therapy. There is uncertainty as to whether Jeff will have a job every single day he heads to the office. Stephen was able to perform in some band events (he has a small band made up of 4 guys), he also marched with the Texas State University band. Dookie became huge (I'll have to post pictures. He's our Catahoula mix canine.). Jennifer got a black cat in June from her friend and he's going to be neutered this month. We didn't do any halloween parties or trick-or-treating, but we did carve pumpkins and roast the seeds. The pumpkins miraculously disappeared overnight the first night we put them outside (when they started to grow mold!).
I'll try to make the time to post more often. I have pictures to put up, so be checking back and I'll do whatever I can whenever I get some free time!!!

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