Friday, July 1, 2011

Almost three years later...

Wow! I totally forgot I even had this blog. Funny how this thing called "life" happens and rearranges one's priorities!
So much has happened since November 2008, it's not really worth the attempt to catch up on it all, so I'll just comment on this and that.
April 2009...Grandpa passed away.
May 2009...I received an Advanced Bionics Cochlear Implant in my right ear...success! I LOVE IT!!!
July 2009...I received a CI in my left ear. Doesn't work as well as that in my right, and it took 9 months to hear the tiniest hint of sound, but I am still praising the Lord for this little miracle.
September 2009...Jeff (hubby) received a CI in his right ear...took him a while to decide if he liked it or not (it's different than a hearing aid). He loves it now and wants to go bilateral as soon as things work out.
August 2009...I returned to college. (Yeah, I'm nuts that way!)
February 2010...I pulled Matthew out of public school...long story, but they're just not up to par educationally.
March 2010...Matthew entered private school...he loves it, and it's a year ahead of the public school system! Momma's happy! No more dumbed-down education for my kids!
December 2010...I received my AA degree in Speech Communications.
March 2011...I got a part-time job working for Guide By Your Side, under Hands & Voices. We offer neutral, unbiased support to hearing parents with deaf children. I love it!
June 2011...David graduated from high school. Two down...two to go!!!
June 2011...I flew to Maine for the National Hands & Voices Conference (part of my training for GBYS). Jeff joined me when conference was over and we had a little mini getaway, just the two of us to celebrate 22 years together a week late!
July 2011...I remembered I had a blog somewhere and searched for it (and found it, obviously!)
Now that things are caught up a bit, I'm taking another break...maybe I'll remember to return and post again before 2 1/2 years pass by!! ;)

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